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 "Can I work with you if I am not local to you?" 

 Yes, absolutely. Here you have two options, firstly we can work distantly with Frequencies Of Brilliance or alternatively you can come and stay in The Shed. It has a toilet and small sink but no shower. I provide a mattress and bedding, a kettle, a cool box, crockery and cutlery. There are lots of cafes and restaurants within walking distance.   

One night accommodation plus one session £90

One night accommodation plus two sessions £145

One night accommodation plus three sessions £195 

Extra nights are charged at £25 each 


"Do you offer intensives?"

Yes, these are becoming more popular, especially with those coming from far. It is possible to stay in The Shed during these or alternatively I can recommend accommodation within walking distance. Often Intensives consist of 6 sessions or 5 sessions with one or two longer sessions spread over 3, 4 or 5 days. The cost is £350 and this includes the use of The Shed in between if needed. 

"Why do people come to you for this work?"

 Over the years people from all over the world, different ages and backgrounds have been drawn to experience the world that I offer. Often people come when they feel the need to work on a deep level, some people wait until they are in crisis physically and/or emotionally. The work can be undertaken alongside Western medicine if there is pain or disease presenting itself. You don't have to have a specific reason for contacting me, maybe you would like to try it but are unsure why.

Some people come looking for answers or to expand and strengthen their spiritual connection. Some people have come to the end of their time on this Earth plane and feel they would like support in making the transition into the next stage. The frequencies of the work balances your energetic vibration on a cellular level, it is an incredibly sacred process and you will be held in a safe space of love at all times when in a session with me.

"Do you work with children?"

Yes, I do, for this to happen I require permission from the primary care givers and I will also tune in to the child on a soul level to ensure it is for the child's highest good. Depending on age children can be worked with distantly or in person. Sessions last 30 minutes and cost £35.

"Do you offer concessions?"

Yes I have limited number of concession appointments available each month. Please contact me to discuss. 

"How does a session work?"

Initially we will talk, you can tell me as much or as little as you like, and, if you don't have one already, we can discuss an intention for the work. Once this is complete I will ask you to lay on the massage table, and as in a massage I will ask you to undress. You body will be covered with sheets and blankets throughout the session with the exception of the area that I am working on at any given time. I will work into areas of the body, sometimes using light touch, sometimes a firm touch and I will guide you to breathe throughout the session. I may ask you questions during the work and I will encourage you to voice anything that needs to be spoken. It's a beautiful process that requires both of to to move consciously into the energetic doorways in the body and energetic field. You will be guided all the way, no previous experience is necessary. Because every moment of every session is unique there is a sort of dance with curiosity as together we move through what has been blocking you from living a full and experiential life. Once this part is complete I will integrate the work and you can stay on the massage table until you feel ready to get up.

 "What do people experience whilst on the table?"

The variation in people's experiences of the work is vast. The most common experiences are emotional release, past life or inter dimensional travel, reconnection to a younger you - inner child, bringing a conscious awareness to and communicating with guides, remembering life purpose, bringing unconscious beliefs into consciousness to be released or transformed. The Frequencies work is known as a work of remembrance so often people remember why they've come, past lives, a moment in their life that is valuable in transforming current issues. The work not only brings insights but also has the potential to dive deeply, to access the root cause of any given symptom or manifestation and to heal it.


To book call or text 07877 67 37 60 or email laurafrequencies@live.co.uk